Mass Coronavirus Vaccine Rollout in 3 Months and Every Adult Could Get Dose by Easter in UK

Researchers who are working on the Oxford vaccine suggested that it can be approved by regulators before the start of next year

As the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread worldwide, scientists around the world are recently working at a rapid pace to find a cure for the disease. Now, as per reports, coronavirus vaccination in the UK could be only three months away and every adult might receive a dose as soon as Easter.

The latest reports have raised hopes that every adult might get vaccinated within six months after scientists who are working on the Oxford vaccine suggested that it can be approved by regulators before the beginning of next year. Government sources involved in the process were quoted by The Times as saying that they are expecting a full distribution program to take six months or less than that after the approval but it can be even quicker. "We are looking at closer to six months and it is likely to be far shorter than that," a government source stated.

UK to Be Ready With Vaccine Soon

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As per reports, plans are currently being put together for allowing a wider group of healthcare workers to administer the vaccine, with the training set to start within weeks. In order to deal with the huge demand, drive-through centers are also being considered and armed forces are probably going to be called for help.

The elderly and the vulnerable are more likely to receive the vaccine first and the young and healthy adults are considered a lower priority group. This news comes after the chief scientific adviser of the Government said that small amounts of the vaccine might be available for certain groups of people before the end of the year.

Sir Patrick Vallance mentioned that good progress is happening in the development of the vaccine. "We don't yet know they will work but there is increasing evidence that is pointing in the right direction and it is possible that some vaccine could be available before the end of the year in small amounts for certain groups," he said

"Much more likely that we'll see vaccines becoming available over the first half of next year, again not certain but pointed in the right direction, which then of course gives the possibility of a different approach to this virus," he added. The deadly virus outbreak has created a major stir around the world in recent times infecting more than 34.6 million people worldwide and has claimed the lives of over one million people globally in more than 170 countries.

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