Maskless Trump Supporter Threatens TV Journalist On Camera, Says 'Someone's Gonna Bomb You'

The unidentified man's diatribe against the mainstream media continued and called all journalists liars

President Donald Trump's aversion to the mainstream media has been passed down to his supporters as well. One such supporter was caught on camera harassing a television journalist in Manchester, New Hampshire.

The incident happened on Friday evening when Trump held a rally in the city. Alex DiPrato, a television journalist with 7 News Boston, stood outside the rally using his phone with his mask on. The president's supporter – who did not wear a mask – approached him and began verbally shouting at him. The unidentified man's abuses were caught on the camera. What further accentuated the video was that the Village People's 'Macho Man' in the background.

"I can stand right here. Don't tell me to get lost. Did you guys film what happened to Rand Paul last night?" the man said, referring to an incident where protesters shouted at Paul following Republican National Convention at the White House on Thursday. "How would you like that to happen to you? We're Americans too. Our lives matter, don't we even though we're white? You can act like you got someone to text, but you're really just a p***y."

The man's diatribe against the media continued and called journalists liars. "How do you sleep at night when you lie? When you're a f*****g liar? Are you all calling the same person — nobody? Call Joe Biden. Maybe you can wake him up from his f*****g nap and his pudding."

The Trump supporter warned DiPrato that the mainstream media will pay and that "what comes around goes around." He ended his harassment with a bomb threat: "Someone's gonna bomb you. Might even be tonight."

DiPrato posted the video of the incident on Twitter garnering much attention even from New Hampshire State Police, who launched an investigation into the matter. The police issued a statement saying they were "aware of the video circulating on social media involving a Boston-based media journalism crew" and were "looking into the matter." However, the journalist since deleted the clip.

Trump supporter
An unidentified supporter of President Donald Trump was caught on camera threatening a journalist. Twitter
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