Masi Trades Quit Her 9-to-5 Job To Become Successful A Day Trader

Masi Trades

Some people are not meant for a corporate job. No matter how forcefully or consistently people wormed into their heads that the formula for success always involves a 9-to-5 job, it's just not true. Instead, they find strategic, creative, or brave ways to redefine their current role or create their own. Life's too short to be stuck in a job that you hate. So, make it your mission to find relief, or find the door. One such individual is Masi Habibi. Working at a 9-5 corporate job was extremely unfulfilling for Masi. Her biggest fear was that she would be stuck in that position, being miserable for the rest of her life. She utilized the fear of being stuck, to empower herself. She turned it around and used it to persevere in trading.

Her business, Masi Trades, is an educational service that provides individuals the tools to learn about the basics of the stock market so that they can move into more advanced day trading strategies. She believes that a majority of people don't know much about the stock market except that you can invest long term. There are various other ways in which one can earn income from the market and that is what her business provides.

Masi was always aware of the stock market and the basics but it wasn't until her 20s, after she graduated college, that it piqued her interest. The stock market became more accessible to individuals with apps like Acorns, Robinhood taking over the younger population. She started doing her research through YouTube videos, reading books, and found out that people were making money just by day trading. As Masi was not happy with her 9-5 corporate job, this intrigued her. She started like any trader who doesn't understand basic market etiquette and lost 20,000 in the first year of my trading career. This made her take a step back and re-evaluate. She started again by learning, studying, learning, trading, and it clicked. Now, she is a successful trader and has been successfully trading options for about 3 years. The factor that led Masi to enter this industry is the concept that you can make any amount of money from your computer, on your own time. She also loved the fact that she would be able to share this skill with anyone once she had mastered it herself. In addition, the trading world and finance world is largely male-dominated. As a female trader, she was intimidated by this and made her want to pursue a career in trading. Masi wanted to show that anyone can do it, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or social background. Seeing her dad working multiple jobs as an immigrant and getting her family to where they are now motivated her even more. If someone with less than a high school degree can come to a foreign country and provide everything for their family and grow as an individual, there was no excuse for her as someone who has every opportunity in the world.

When starting a business, you have to really put in the time and dedication and be willing to do whatever it takes to make that business grow. The biggest challenge Masi faced was not having adequate business knowledge. How to incorporate your business or how to open a business account may seem like little things but sometimes they are overlooked and can hurt your business in the long run. Another challenge she faces is criticism. She puts herself out there on YouTube by making educational content while so many people criticize her daily.

Masi says that mindset is everything when you have your own business. How successful you become is directly correlated to how disciplined you are. When you start your own business the closest people around you will start to doubt you, they expect that your business will fail and you won't find many, if any at all, who will fully support you. If you are not confident in your own business plan, if you are mentally not able to support yourself, you will not be able to run a successful business.

Masi was always very scared of change and the unknown. It wasn't until she took the leap of faith that she started to believe that she could make things change for the better. Success isn't handed out on a silver plate, it is earned. If you truly want something bad enough, nothing in the world will stop you. If she could go back and tell her old self anything it would be to never doubt her potential and that anything is attainable. She used to think she would never make $100,000 or a million dollars until she actually achieved these things and realized that she was only holding herself back from so much potential by putting a cap on what she was capable of achieving.

Talking about her future plans, she is looking to start a very high probability flow service for her community only which will help her group of traders to be able to gauge the market direction and sentiment better. She would also like to have a successful group of traders in her community, that can lead teams of traders with on-site trading services.