Maryland State Police issued an Amber Alert for a 7-year-old boy early morning waking up several people, who then took to social media to talk about it. Some said the early morning alert scared them, while others criticized those who complained about the child abduction emergency alert.

Early Friday, the state police issued the Amber Alert for Prophet Marquis Matthew Johnson. According to the notification, the child was accompanied by a 30-year-old black woman, identified as Tiffany Sharquita Johnson, and two other unknown individuals. Maryland State Police described the boy to be black, 4 feet tall, with black hair and brown eyes, and weighed about 50 pounds.

"The four were last seen in Glen Burnie, Anne Arundel County, Maryland in a dark-color Chrysler 300 with large rims. ... The child should only be wearing gray underwear and is without his medication," the Amber Alert stated.

Maryland Amber Alert for Prophet Marquis Matthew Johnson

The child abduction emergency alerts are issued when police believe that the missing children are in grave danger. The alert for the 7-year-old was issued before dawn, waking up several people in Maryland.

Twitter users were divided over the alert as several people took to the micro-blogging site to say the alert woke them up and scared them. However, others were critical of those complaining saying people should be more worried about an abducted child.

"To the person who abducted the kiddo who's the subject of the Amber Alert that just went out: F**k you and I hope you get arrested posthaste. Almost had a f****ng heart attack, goddammit," one Twitter user wrote.

"People are in the MOM GROUPS on fb complaining about being woken up by the amber alert. F**k that if my kid goes missing wake the whole nation up we're all going outside to find my child," another user said.

"I jus got [an] Amber Alert and it scared the f**k outta me... who tf be stealin kids at 4:30 in the morning," stated another Twitter user.