Maryland Man Jailed for a Year After Hosting Many Parties Defying Coronavirus Rules

The deputies first responded to a complaint of a big gathering at the Myer's home located in Hughesvbille on March

A man from Maryland who did not obey the state's coronavirus or COVID-19 emergency order and hosted dozens of guests at house parties in March has got himself sentenced to a year jail, as per reports. Shawn Marshall Myers, on Friday, got conflicted on two counts of failure to comply with an emergency order, the Charles County State's Attorney Office stated. He was caught throwing many parties in March after Governor Larry Hogan issued orders against the gatherings of over 10 people to help fight the spread of the deadly virus.

The deputies first responded to a complaint of a big gathering at the man's home in Hughesvbille on March 22. The prosecutors said that Myers had around 50 people at his home. He eventually agreed to break the crowd and having an argument with the deputies who advised him about the order of the governor.

Man Jailed for Not Obeying COVID-19 Rules

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The deputies responded again on March 27 at Myers home just before 11 pm and saw around 60 people at a bonfire, the sheriff's office stated at the time. Myers on that occasion too argued with thwe officers claiming that he and his guests had a right to gather, the prosecutors said.

"Beyond being argumentative, Myers directed his guests to stay in defiance of Governor Hogan's Orders and the officers' lawful orders to disband the party," the county attorney's office mentioned as reported by Fox News. Myers got arrested and charged after he refused to comply many times.

Myers was also fined $5,000 and ordered to serve three years of unsupervised probation after his release. Maryland has confirmed over 123,000 positive coronavirus cases and more than 3,700 deaths till Sunday. The deadly virus outbreak has created a major stir around the world in recent times infecting more than 32.8 million people worldwide and claimed the lives of over 994,000 people globally. An effective vaccine is expected by the first quarter of 2021.

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