Marya Group CEO Abdelrahman Ismeik explains the investment lessons he learnt after investing inthe football club 'Munich 1860'

Abdelrahman Ismeik

The way to double your net worth depends upon the investments you make. With assets and investments spread across the globe, Abdelrahman Ismeik is a prominent figure who is the CEO of Marya Group and is overseeing the operations of the organization and its efficiency. The company is based out of Saudi Arabia, and Abdelrahman was instrumentally involved in the company's investment into the German football team 'Munich 1860' in 2012.

Mr Ismeik has gained a lot of experience through this investment which has resulted in the success of his other parts of the business. The football league regulations in Germany have been more restrictive than many other countries in Europe. Moreover, the Sports Verein in Germany must maintain the right direction over the club management. The entrepreneur took full control over the investments during this unusual situation, and it required Abdelrahman to adopt new rules to save a sports team which was on the verge of insolvency.

Besides this, 'Munich 1860' has been the only team with a foreign investor in German football. The club is one such name with the third party investor. The 33-year old entrepreneur says that the journey has been interesting so far, and through his leadership skills he has successfully managed this business to be at the top of its game. However, there has been a significant restructuring and development of important controls while maintaining league regulations.

Abiding by different rules in a different cultural environment has been a challenge, but Abdelrahman Ismeik's experience has helped the other areas of the group's business. "It has been made easy, and issues can now be predicted and counter-balanced if there is any crisis arising", stated Ismeik. Besides this, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Abdelrahman Ismeik has led investment and development opportunities in bio-technologies to streamline COVID-19 testing. Along with it, he has been using Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to help the businesses recover after incurring severe losses during the epidemic.