Marriott International warns customers on rising phone scams offering free stay
Company's logo is seen on the Marriot hotel. Reuters

Marriott International has warned its consumers to be careful of fraudulent phone calls being made in different parts of the world offering free stays on behalf of the hotel.

In a press release, Marriott said that a number of its customers have been receiving calls offering a complimentary stay at a Marriott hotel in exchange for personal information, or the purchase of a product or service unrelated to the Marriott brand.

The authorities said the scammers use several tactics to get information for the recipients. They urged their customers to ignore such calls and not to reveal their personal information over telephonic conversations.

"If you receive a suspicious telephone call, especially for a contest you did not enter, we urge you not to provide any personal information, especially credit card information," the company said. "Instead, simply end the phone call," the authorities added.