Married Teacher Allegedly Seduced Students for Sex and Asked 'Are My Breasts Too Big?'

The teacher allegedly gave cigarettes, alcohol to the teenagers as she tried to groom them for the illicit affairs

A married teacher in Australia allegedly said to a teenager that he looked 'sexy' and also asked if he thought her breasts were 'too big' while she seduced him for sex, a court heard, as per reports. Gaye Lee McKeown allegedly gifted teenagers cigarettes, alcohol as she groomed them for illicit affairs during the 1990s.

The teacher was suspected of having oral and vaginal sex with two 15-year-old boys at the school in Sydney for over a month 20 years back. It is alleged that the incidents happened at the school and the nearby suburbs, which included her marital home where she lived with a child and also in a car park.

She was an English teacher and was married when she started grooming students for sex by showing her underwear and also unbuttoning her shirt. One of the accusers was allegedly paid around $30,000 in hush money. She is now 50 years old and has pleaded not guilty to 21 charges, including many counts of sexual intercourse without consent and indecent assault.

Woman Appeared in Court

Topless Teacher Suspended
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Sher made an appearance in the court this week wearing glasses with a shawl around the neck. The prosecutor David Patch told a jury that McKeown 'gradually transformed' the academic compliments into flirting. She got accused of telling a pupil, "Aren't we a sexy young man today."

The prosecutors mentioned that she also referred to his 'hot legs' and 'really cute eyes'. The jury also heard that she asked him for carrying books into a storage shed with her where she is stated to have unbuttoned her shirt and revealed her cleavage. "Do you like my breasts? Do you think they're too big?", she is also alleged to have asked the boy.

The jury listened that after noticing that he had an erection she allegedly told the boy it was 'normal' and also nice to know he thought she was attractive. Soon after she reportedly started initiating sex with the boy for the first time during school hours at the house she had with her husband and child, as reported by

The woman is also alleged to have given the boy oral sex as she said, "This is so hot," as reported by the Daily Star. In another case, she reportedly had said, "I want to taste you again" ahead of performing a sexual act on him. Prosecutors mentioned that she told the boy to keep the affair a secret. She admitted to sleeping with the first complainant but stated that it was only after he turned 16 years old and when she was not working at the school.

The prosecutor said that when the boy thought of breaking it off with the teacher she allegedly gave him $29,000 for buying his silence and the two did not speak till 2017. The conversation was allegedly recorded by the police and McKeown got charged in December that year. McKeown denied any sexual or indecent contact with a second complainant.