Markuss Hussle Shares The Success Juice Of Signing Your Next Client In 30 Days

Markuss Hussle

Markuss Hussle and his agency Adsents, have been working with law firms to market them on a digital platform.

Adsents was started by Markuss Hussle in 2019, he recognized the power of social media and decided to channel it towards the growth of businesses. Initially, he worked with local businesses and used self-formulated strategies to promote them.

Later, he realized that he wanted to shift his focus to businesses that put the customer forth and their profit next and law firms were the only ones who stood up to that condition. His agency Adsents is a team of young entrepreneurs implementing new-age marketing tactics to grow firms worldwide to the 8 and 9 figure annual mark.

However, to serve businesses, you first have to sign your client which is a tedious process. To make it easier, Markuss shares the sure-fire way to sign your next client in 30 days-

1. Pick A Niche

Before signing a client, you need to determine what industry or niche you can serve in. Pick something that you enjoy working on, start an analysis, and thorough research about the companies that exist in that niche.

"Don't give it too much thought, find a niche that needs your services and can afford your service fee and go after it! " - Markuss Hussle

2.Find That Niche's Biggest Pain Point

Think about what keeps them awake at night and what hinders their success. If you determine the pain point, you can pitch your service to the client. Human beings do not like obstructions in their life and they would do anything to remove them. Hence, skimming what is causing problems in a business will help you in finding the ideal clients.

3. Craft A Message For That Niche

Personalization is very important. When you niche down, you find people who will be interested in your service. According to Markuss, "Craft a message that hits the business owner's pain point by saying I can help you get 20 more customers in the next 30 days with (your service)"

Crafting a message will give you an edge over the others. The client feels that his problems are being addressed and you genuinely care about them and not earning for yourself first. When the focus shifts from 'You' to 'Them' the clients come in flooding and your business thrives.

4. Scrap A List Of 100 Business Owners In That Niche

You have a problem, a niche, and a solution. Now what? You need to scour the vast internet for the people in that niche who will be willing to hire you. These people can be found on social media channels or Google.

When you have done your search, prepare a list of 100 suitable clients that are ideal to your criteria and prepare a list so you can keep track of them. Make a list of emails, Facebook pages, or Instagram accounts of the businesses that you are going to contact.

5. Spark A Conversation With The Business Owner

Spread the word, nurture a relationship with the business owners. Just pitching your service poses you as a money-centered person. Tell them what your services are and how you can help their business.

Spark a conversation that agitates their pain point and then give them a solution, before you know your month will be booked with clients.