Marilyn Monroe Death: Actress Died of Drug Administered Via Enema to Enhance Sexual Pleasure, Claims Private Investigator

Marylyn Monroe was administered a lethal drug used to enhance sexual pleasure at one of the wild parties hosted by American Socialites, claims a private investigator Becky Altringer. The PI said that drug was given via enema.

The actress died at her Brentwood residence on August 5, 1962 and initially her death was declared a "suicide". It was said that she committed suicide following her argument with her lover Bobby Kennedy.

However, some of the investigators had refused to accept suicide as the cause of Monroe's death and have been investigating the case ever since.

Marilyn Monroe

Becky Altringer Attempts to Unveil Truth

As reported by The US Sun, PI Becky Altringer who has been on Monroe's case for years has stated that the starlet's death was certainly not suicide. Altringer was recently a part of the filming an episode of the German documentary 'Cold Case' titled Tod Einer Ikone (Death of an Icon) -Marilyn Monroe when she came across the new evidence that pointed towards the unnatural death of actress.

Altringer claimed that during the filming of the episode she had learnt the truth about these wild parties from a lifeguard who had also been a part of these gatherings. The parties were organized by an American socialite Pat along with her actor husband Peter Lawford. Altringer also stated that Kennedy brothers were also the part of these socials.

Monroe Lost Consciousness After Ingesting Nembutal Capsules Dissolved in Water

There have been many conspiracy theorists who believed that Monroe was murdered by Enemas. The drugs were inserted into enemas so as to get better and fast results.

A former LA deputy district attorney John W Miner who was one of the main investigator handling Monroe's case had affirmed that the actress died from drug overdose administered via enema.

In 2005, Miner had written a first- person account in LA Times wherein he stated that Monroe took or was given chloral hydrate to render her unconscious. He had also written that someone had dissolved 30 or more capsules of Nembutal in water and then administered the solution to Monroe by an ordinary fountain syringe or an enema bag.

The Mystery of Box 39

Another interesting fact that Altringer unearthed is the Box 39. It is stored in the special collections section of UCLA library and will remain sealed to the public till 2039. The box contains various documents and even letters which can help solve the mystery behind Monroe's death.

The box belongs to Dr. Ralph Geenson, the personal psychiatrist of Monroe. Dr Greenson's name too emerged along with FBI and Mafia who were held responsible for the star's death.