Mariah Carey, RHOA Star Marlow Hampton Targeted by Robbers for Exhibiting Wealth on Social Media

Violent street gangs in Atlanta broke into the homes of singer Mariah Carey and "The Real Housewives of Atlanta Star" Marlow Hampton for their alleged exhibition of wealth on various social media platforms.

The homes of both Mariah Carey, Marlow Hampton along with Atlanta United Player Brad Guzan and Atlanta Falcons Calvin Ridley were broken into.

The judicial authorities stated that these gangs have been operational for last few years and they have been targeting celebrities with crimes including carjacking, kidnappings, robberies, shootings and home invasions.

Mariah Carey

Big Mansions, Luxury Cars, Branded Bags and Clothes Displayed on Social Media Invite Trouble

Putting their wealth and assets on display on social media attracts the attention of the gangs who sketch out the plan for the robberies, making a list of the "valuables" stacked inside the homes of Richie Rich.

A report published by USA Today stated that the 220-count indictment was filed Aug. 22 and charges 26 people, most of whom are accused of violating Georgia's anti-gang and racketeering laws. The report also referred to Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis who said the crimes alleged in the indictment — carjacking, kidnapping, armed robbery, shootings, home invasions — were committed by members of the Drug Rich gang, which she said began to emerge in 2016 in a neighboring county. In addition to the celebrity targets, social media influencers were also victimized in home invasions and burglaries, Willis said.

However, the statement from the district attorney's office has evoked a mixed response on social media as some people feel that the police department sprung into action when the celebrities were targeted. On the other hand, a faction of social media followers also shared memes and cartoons suggesting that celebrities love to flaunt their assets.

A Twitter user shared, "Insane.. just like Kim Kardashian robbery, now Mariah Carey & Dozens of celebrities have been robbed after showing off their valuables on social media."

"Seems like the criminals from gangs are targeting the Hollywood elite. A string of robbery and home invasion's . They robbed Mariah Carey home. Watch how all of a sudden crime will start to matter... I don't want to see anybody hurt or robbed. What did they really think would happen," expressed another user.

A tweet read, "So when CELEBRITIES are effected by crime, progressive DAs take action. What a joke! What about the regular people who are terrified daily. 26 alleged gang members indicted for Atlanta-area home invasions targeting Mariah Carey and other celebs."