Mariah #1 to Infinity: 'Mariah Carey shooting for 'Real Life' reality show'

Mariah Carey is shooting for her reality show. She was in news recently for her comment on Jennifer Lopez that she doesn't know her.

We have another real life celebrity reality TV show on the lines of Keeping Up with The Kardashians, with American singer Mariah Carey all set to debut in the world of reality shows.

According to an insider report on US weekly, the 45-year-old is shooting for a documentary style series "that chronicles the behind-the-scenes drama of her Las Vegas residency, Mariah #1 to Infinity, and, come this spring, her two-month European tour".

The 5-time Grammy winner seems all thrilled and prepped up for the show. One of the sources very close to the singer told the magazine "Mariah's excited to show some personal family moments. It'll definitely show another side to her".

The unnamed second source also revealed that it was not difficult for the mother of twins to strike a deal, as Mariah's manager is a reality TV producer and he got her the deal.

The report also suggested that the singer has already decided a name for the show, while nothing has been officially told to media.

A few days back, Carey, engaged to Australian billionaire James Packer, was in news for reigniting the fire between her and singer Jennifer Lopez.

The Rolling Stone hit maker was leaving The Beverly Hilton hotel, and was in quite a hurry. From the bunch of media standing outside to click her, she was asked by a TMZ reporter as to what she "thought about people bringing up her "I don't know her" comment again after all these years".

The 46 year-old reacted the way she did a decade back, saying she still doesn't know who is Jennifer Lopez.

A few weeks back, while J.Lo was on The Wendy Williams Show, she explained the feud between her and Mariah saying , ""[Mariah] is forgetful I guess! We've met many times."

Apparently, this cold war started back in early 2000 when the "songbird supreme" was asked about her thoughts on the J.Lo's new album, to which she innocently shook her head and said , ""I don't know her". Explaining her comment further, she added that she was just being honest.