Many businesses desire to collaborate with Djordje Novakovic, an entrepreneur and marketing guru

Djordje Novakovic

Djordje Novakovic is a marketing strategist hailing from Switzerland who is well-known in the field. He has been approached by several brands because of his potential to support the expansion of retail enterprises, which has allowed him to collaborate with a number of well-known personalities in France, Switzerland, Belgium, and the UK.

The public holds Novakovic in high regard for his profound understanding of the business world and his ability to create over $16 million in revenue for his retail firms. He has also offered insightful guidance to other businesses in the sector, both big and small. Iconix Investments, a Swiss-based marketing company, is owned and run by Djordje.

When discussing the marketing sector Djordje has grown in, he shares, "It is no secret that the digital age has created an opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies in the marketing industry. "For example, there is an increasing demand for creative and unique brand ideas across multiple industries." He collaborates with a large number of influencers and markets his products through them. But while discussing it, he claims, "It's not a simple process. It is not just a game of how many followers one has, but more about what kind of audience they have, what the ROI would be for a campaign, and how to make the most of it. "There is a lot that goes behind the scenes of a marketing campaign for it to be successful."