ManualMotive Shifts Into Top Gear for the Stick Shift Car Market


Working transmission is perhaps the most important feature of any fuel-driven vehicle. It helps shift power from one gear to another to move the car at the desired speed. While drivers unanimously agree on the necessity of a working transmission, the controversy regarding manual and automatic transmission still exists. Despite the growing demand for automatic transmission, some seasoned drivers still feel that manual is a better choice. The reason may be that manual transmission is more fuel-efficient and easier to maintain. It also increases vehicle safety and offers better control.

Considering the current market where automatic transmission cars are stealing the show, "ManualMotive" is striving to bring back the trend of manual transmission cars. Manual Motive is a marketplace for manual transmission vehicles where anyone can buy or sell manual transmission cars at the best possible price. It is both an online and offline platform established by a group of manual transmission car enthusiasts for those who still love to manually shift gears while driving. Additionally, the name "Manual Motive" also came from driving manuals and not liking the word "automatic".

ManualMotive lists manual transmission cars only. Anyone looking to sell or buy a manual car can easily list their vehicle with photographs or browse through a huge collection of makes and models. For anyone residing in Atlanta, ManualMotive offers additional services like photography and video shoots of the car. The platform welcomes individual owners as well as car dealers who are purely into manual transmission vehicles.

Founded in March 2022, ManualMotive has already created some buzz in the online car sales market for its niche. Competing for the spotlight in this extremely saturated online marketplace was not easy, but Manual Motive managed to stand out. The company ensures complete transparency in its transactions and even screens every dealer to offer high-level authenticity to buyers. In this ever-shrinking market of manual vehicles, ManualMotive has embarked on a mission to keep manual transmission cars alive.

To increase its reach and expand the community of manual car enthusiasts, ManualMotive has recently introduced an affiliate program. Through this program, anyone can earn a commission when a car is sold through registered referrals. It is so easy that anyone can register for free in this program with just a few clicks to get started. People who do not wish to buy a manual car but know someone who does can leverage this opportunity to make money.

The concept of this ManualMotive affiliate program is similar to any other affiliate program. To start earning commission, a person must post a registered link on their website banner or social media profile. This link will send traffic to the Manual Motive website. When an action is completed through this registered referral link, the company will pay the commission.

ManualMotive was born out of a need to save vanishing manual cars. To accomplish this goal, the company offers services at a much cheaper rate compared to its competitors in the market.

ManualMotive offers loads of other features to stand out in this overcrowded market of online car sales. The company will soon introduce an auction feature for manual cars, which will allow manual car enthusiasts to make bids on exclusive models. The company will charge a small percentage of this bid as a fee to maintain the website, host more classified ads, and grow the community of manual car enthusiasts.

ManualMotive is looking forward to expanding its base both nationally and internationally in the coming years. The company will also introduce a host of features and services to reignite the love for manual cars among buyers.