Manon Andrieux, A Powerful Social Media Influencer Who Has Taken The World By Her Charm And Talent

Manon Andrieux

Manon Andrieux is a model turned beauty influencer and content creator. It was back in 2011 when she was first spotted by a model agent and she was enthralled for the opportunity as she knew she wanted to pursue this even after her degrees in Business. She graduated from DUT and studied business administration and management at the University of Toulouse. Manon Andrieux was more qualified than any other model one would find but she let go of all the other opportunities she had for her modeling projects because this was her calling and she was keen to take steps forward in the direction of a career in the same. In no time, Manon Andrieux was being represented by Elite Model Management company which signed her to provide her with other better opportunities in the modeling industry. She started 10 years back and her journey has been more than just wonderful. She is over the moon by her fans and followers who support her relentlessly.

Manon Andrieux was looking up for opportunities that would give her fame and popularity but through her journey, she realized how much work goes into this career and it's not all glam and glitz as it is shown on the outside. She worked incessantly to earn the position that she has in the industry. She always had the choice of giving up and doing a corporate job but that's not what she was here for. She proved her time and again with persistence and dedication towards modeling and her respect towards the industry that has made her gain so much love from the people who follow her. With this much support, Manon Andrieux wanted to give something back to the community and that's when she started holding online masterclasses for her followers to share her knowledge in the field. She helped them by teaching them how to maintain their beauty for the long run as she has worked with innumerable people in the industry and a lot of products are used on her face but she has a religious skincare ritual and tips that she shared with her followers to influence them to maintain their skin healthy.

Last year, when the pandemic hit, Manon Andrieux knew it was a wave that might put a halt to her career because of worldwide lockdowns but she did not let that take over her life. She held her head high and took some firm proactive steps to increase her outreach in the world. Manon Andrieux wasn't ready to let go of her position she has gained over the years. She is known to be a workaholic and worldwide lockdowns were not strong enough to stop her from making progress.
Manon Andrieux's rigorous work ethic has made her grow consistently and to be known in the industry. She is one of the highest followed influencers in the world. She has been featured in many projects like editorial and commercial photo shoots, short films, modeling projects, and even advertisements. Manon Andrieux has come a long way in these 10 years and not once did she ever look back. Now that she thinks about it, she remembers her struggling days and feels nostalgic for those days when she was not as popular as she is now. The level of support she has received over all these years has been humbling and she's grateful for her fans that pushed her beyond her limits and stood right there to cheer her up whenever she needed it the most. Manon Andrieux mentions she is overjoyed and can't be more thankful!