Manhole: Cast of KBS2 drama reveal their time travel fantasies

Lead Kim Jae-joong also revealed he had to keep changing costumes throughout filming and almost the entire lower half of his body is bruised

Almost everyone has at some time thought about the idea of time travel. Some want to travel back to the past, some want to see the future. The cast of KBS2's romantic, time travel drama 'Manhole' are no different in this respect.

As noted by website Soompi, the cast of upcoming drama 'Manhole,' namely Kim Jae-joong, UEE, B1A4's Baro and Jung Hye Sung, held a V Live broadcast to talk about the drama as well as their time travel fantasies.

'Manhole' tells the story of a Bong Pil, played by Kim jae-joong, who is in distress after learning that the woman he loves, played by UEE, is getting married to someone else. He falls into a manhole and discovers to his surprise that he has travelled back in time. He uses this to his advantage to try and stop the marriage of the woman who considers him her best friend.

Manhole KBS2
The cast of KBS2's 'Manhole,'

Even though 'Manhole' is about travelling to the past, most of the cast showed more interest in knowing what lies ahead in the not-so-distant future. Jung Hye-sung wants to know what the future has in store for her and said, "I want to go to the future. I want to see what I'll be doing and how I'll be living 3 or 4 years from now."

UEE, who plays Jae-joong's love interest and best friend, humorously added, "I want to fast-forward to the last episode [of 'Manhole']," she said. "We don't know how the drama ends either, so I want to be the only one of us that knows."

However, B1A4 boy band member Cha Sin-woo, better known by his stage name Baro was looking back at past he couldn't enjoy due to his idol training. "I want to return to my high school days. I started training [to become an idol] during my first year of high school so I have no high school friends. I really envied the people around me. I want to go back in time and have fun with my friends," the rapper said.

As for the leading man, JYJ pop-group member Kim Jae-joong, he also has some high-school regrets. "We got to wear high school uniforms for the drama and it felt good. I didn't really have a high school life either. Wearing a uniform for the first time in a while made me feel rejuvenated. I think I'd like to revisit any time in the past," he said.

In the V Live broadcast, Jae-joong also addressed the issue of his injuries sustained while filming 'Manhole.' As noted by Soompi, the singer, songwriter and actor required 7 stitches on his finger. He said, "I think you can't help it," adding, "People tell me to be careful, but I think it's important for me as an actor to not be selfish with my body."

The cast revealed that because Jae-joong's character is juggling between two timelines, he has to constantly keep changing his clothes and hair style. UEE said her leading man had to change "Up to five times a day!" Jae-joong also revealed that almost the entire lower half of his body is covered with some bruise or the other.

'Manhole' airs on KBS2 every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 KST. The first episode aired on August 9 and received 3.1 percent rating in all of South Korea, as per ratings agency AGB Nielsen Korea.

This article was first published on August 10, 2017