Mandy Moore: I'm making music on my own terms again

Mandy Moore talks about making music on her own terms, about her artistic and personal freedom, and collaborations

Mandy Moore, the singer and actress recently stated that she is really proud of making music on her own terms, and is also excited about the future. The actress returned to the music scene after a decade of her album called "Silver Landings".

"I think it all started when I started dating my husband (Taylor Goldsmith). Travelling around with them, they're an incredible live band and have so much fun on stage - it's really contagious. And I remember one of the first times watching Taylor thinking, 'I'm kind of jealous because I want to be up there. I miss this so much'. It was a real light-bulb moment of, 'I have to figure out a way to find myself on stage again'," Moore told

Artistic and personal freedom

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore Wikimedia Commons

Asked how does it feel to finally have personal and artistic freedom, she said: "It's emotional, and it's all starting to hit me. It's sort of come in waves over the last year of the writing and recording process - it's like every little step has been something new for me to really stop and appreciate and reckon with, and I think touring won't be an exception.

New collaborations

"But I'm really proud to be making music again on my own terms and I'm excited about the future. And I'm really looking forward to keeping this momentum going. I don't want to have another 10, 11-year lapse in between albums. I feel like I've found this incredible team of collaborators in Mike and Taylor, and I just look forward to seeing what we'll do together on this tour and beyond," she added. On the acting front, she is seen in popular show "This Is Us", which airs in India on Star World.

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