Mandie Reusch: Pennsylvanian Woman Drove Ex-Boyfriend to Suicide by Sending Him 'Heinous' Text Messages and Video of Her Having Sex With Another Man

The messages were fired off when Metzger was at military training while Reusch and their daughter were home, police said, according to

A woman from Pennsylvania is accused of leading her estranged boyfriend to commit suicide by sending him distressing text messages and a video of herself engaging in sexual activity with another man while he was undergoing training at a US Army academy, prosecutors said on Tuesday.

Mandie Reusch, a 35-year-old resident of Greensburg, located approximately 30 miles east of Pittsburgh, was officially charged and brought before the court on Tuesday morning. She stands accused of allegedly assisting in the suicide of her former boyfriend, Kevin Metzger, which took place in June 2021. As per statements from prosecutors, authorities have been conducting an investigation for two years into the death of Kevin Metzger.

Forcing Boyfriend to Commit Suicide

Mandie Reusch
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According to the Westmoreland County District Attorney's Office, Kevin Metzger took his own life at the age of 37 after receiving distressing messages described as "heinous and graphic" from Mandie Reusch.

District Attorney Nicole Ziccarelli stated that Metzger wrote a suicide letter and shared his experiences of enduring a continuous stream of tormenting messages on Facebook prior to his death.

"Mr. Metzger may still be here today if those messages did not influence and encourage him to take his own life," she said in a statement.

Kevin Metzger
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According to reports, Mandie Reusch and Kevin Metzger had a child together.

Court documents reviewed by indicate that Reusch made repeated threats to prevent Metzger from seeing their child.

She told him over WhatsApp that she was moving in with a new partner who would assume the role of their daughter's father. She further warned Metzger that he would never have the opportunity to see his child again.

The messages were fired off when Metzger was at military training while Reusch and their daughter were home, police said, according to

"I hope for [their daughter's] sake that you do kill yourself. She would be better off not even knowing you," Resuch wrote, according to documents.

On Mother's Day 2021, Resuch texted Metzger to let him know she would be having sex with her new boyfriend because their daughter "calls him daddy."

Another message claimed that Metzger would "burn in hell" and that she would be dancing over his grave.

Resuch emailed Metzger a video of her having sex with another man after a dispute over money, and she also destroyed some of his possessions.

Resuch was initially charged with harassment after Metzger initially filed a complaint in June 2021. The charges were dropped after his suicide.

"I actually want you to kill yourself because I think you are the worst person on this planet," another message read.

"I will make it my dying wish to make sure you don't see your daughter and that she knows who you really are," read another.

"I hope you burn in hell and my daughter will dance on your grave with her real dad. Never talk to us again. Die slow and suffer," read yet another message.

Conspiracy to Commit Suicide

Kevin Metzger
Kevin Metzger Twitter

As the investigation unfolded, older messages came to light, including one from 2020 where Mandie Reusch told Kevin Metzger, "Go kill yourself. You aren't a real f*****g man."

On June 18, 2021, just two days before Father's Day, Metzger was found dead after a friend requested a welfare check by the police.

Messages exchanged leading up to Father's Day revealed Reusch saying that Metzger would not be allowed to see their daughter.

A friend of Metzger informed the police that he had asked him to ensure that the messages he was receiving became widely known. Following Metzger's death, Reusch reportedly deleted WhatsApp from her home, according to law enforcement.

"Mr. Metzger may still be here today if those messages did not influence and encourage him to take his own life," Westmoreland County Nicole Ziccarelli said in a statement.

The "continuous and unrelenting" communications, according to Ziccarelli, stopped when Metzger committed suicide at the age of 37.

"We extend our condolences to the Metzger family for their loss and the grief they have experienced since his death. We will not allow or tolerate this kind of egregious behavior," the DA added.

In a 2020 article published by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette discussing the reopening of dining establishments during the Covid-19 pandemic, Reusch is mentioned as a "booking agent for a multinational alcoholic beverages company." The article highlights that on the day bars reopened, Reusch was observed enjoying a pint of Guinness at 11:30 am.

Police handcuff
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Metzger, as described in his obituary, had a distinguished career in the US Army spanning nearly two decades. During this time, he served in South Korea, contributing to the development of the patriot missile defense system.

After leaving active duty, he continued to serve in the Reserve, specializing in water purification. Alongside his military commitments, Metzger worked as a bartender and was known for his selflessness and dedication as a friend.

He had a deep love for the outdoors and live music. However, his most profound devotion was reserved for his daughter, who brought immense joy into his life. Regrettably, Metzger's life was tragically cut short.

Reusch, who is now facing charges of aiding suicide and harassment, is scheduled to appear in court on June 27.

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