Manaf Koudmani a young Businessman with par excellence

Manaf Koudmani

Manaf Koudmani is a competent man and has come a long way ahead to carve his niche in different fields and domains. Thanks to his incredible talent of learning and mastering different skill sets that made him a competent man in this industry. He is incredible in his job, which is the key reason why at the age of 20, he owns three different companies which deal in different domains. He manages them all smoothly and made his mark in this domain to bring out things in flying colours for his life.

If we talk about his three companies - the first one is known as 32 Grams which is a digital media and videography company. The next is MAK Media, where he deals with social media and digital marketing activities. He has worked with different celebrities working as an influencer on social media and helped them grow on the web landscape gaining huge in terms of fans and followers for them. His third company MK Trading is a Forex Training Institute.

With this school, he is able to embark upon with people who want to learn the basics and advanced concepts about forex. Besides, he has also tried other domains as well like working with his friend in Beirut in an event management company to attract even the top pop star from France called Booba and others, to selling medical equipment in UAE and Germany. This is not all, he is also a student of Hospitality management from the European country's best institute in Les Roches Marbella, Spain. He gives his credit to his family who supported him in everything he did in his life.