Man who wears 10 layers of clothes gets kicked out of British Airways and EasyJet flights

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An EasyJet passenger aircraft makes its final approach for landing in Colomiers near Toulouse, Southwestern France, November 24, 2016 Reuters

A British Airways passenger was not allowed entry to his flight from Iceland to the UK after putting on 10 shirts and eight pairs of pants reportedly to dodge baggage fees. Failing to board the flight, the man tried his luck on EasyJet the next day but still to no avail.

Ryan Carney Williams, the man who identified himself on social media as Ryan Hawaii, resorted to wearing a stack of clothing as he was unable to afford the charges for extra check-in baggage. The incident took place on Wednesday at the Keflavik International Airport.

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After he was barred from boarding his British Airways flight, Williams turned to EasyJet the following day where he got into more trouble. Thus, he was still denied entry.

"I waited in the queue politely with other passengers and once I made it to the desk I was still refused my boarding pass. Security were called. At this point I started to film. Security tried to slap my phone out my hand. I moved. Continued to film and explain that I was well within my rights. Police were called. I spoke to 2 police officers and explained my story," narrates Williams to The Telegraph.

Williams tried to reach out to EasyJet via Twitter about the matter in hopes to get a refund from his unflown flight. On his first attempt, the budget airline refused to honour his concern but was later refunded.

"The captain for your easyJet flight was made aware of what happened the previous day. Because of this, the captain took the decision to offload you from the flight. Because of this, I'm afraid we can't offer you a refund for your booking under our terms and conditions," reads easyJet's response on Twitter.

In his most recent statement, Williams clarified reports stating that he was avoiding fees. He stressed that he "couldn't afford the fee (£90) as a result of being left homeless in Iceland for over a week".

Williams took a flight back to London with Norwegian Airlines.

This article was first published on January 17, 2018