Man, Who Killed His Ex-Girlfriend by Stabbing Her 25 Times and Ate Her Organs, Found Guilty After Six Years

A lady in Indiana was murdered brutally by a suspected cannibal in 2014. After a long wait, court found the accused guilty.

In a shocking case that came to light in 2014, a man in Indiana, accused of killing and raping her ex-girlfriend, was found guilty of the former crime by a jury on Friday in Clarke County. In what made the crime appear even more sickening was the discovery that this man even ate the organs of her dead ex-girlfriend's body.

As per the reports, the victim, 46-year old Tammy Jo Blanton, had broken up with her boyfriend Joseph Oberhansley in September 2014 and had sent him a text message on the 10th of that month. She wrote: "I'm taking my life back. I worked too hard to get here. No one will take me down."

Joseph Oberhansley
Joseph Oberhansley has been found guilty of murder Twitter

Criminal act

Later that day, Blanton called 911 and, in a state of fear, informed the dispatcher that Oberhansley was outside her house and trying to get in forcibly. When cops arrived, they forced the man to leave the premises.

Very next day, when the lady didn't come to her working place, the police went back to her house to enquire about her safety. They found a gory sight at her home. The dead and mutilated body of Blanton was lying under a tarp and her ex-boyfriend was at the spot. What made the scene hideous was the presence of a skull and some bones on a plate, which turned out to be of the victim.

A skillet and pair of tongs were also found smeared with blood, apparently the instruments with which the murderer carved up the body. Oberhansley was arrested on the spot. Police believed that the woman was stabbed as many as 25 times and also subjected to rape. However, the latter charge wasn't eventually proven.

Tammy Jo Blanton
Tammy Jo Blanton was murdered in 2014 Twitter

Long-delayed trial

The reasons it took six years for the conviction to take place were the many twists and turns in the case. In 2017, the accused was deemed incompetent for a trial. But then, that decision was reversed and the trial did begin again in 2019.

However, when one of the deceased lady's friends testified in court about a previous altercation between Blanton and Oberhansley, the defense attorney argued that those comments, which indicated a past criminal history of the accused, would create bias in the minds of jurors. As a result, proceedings were deemed a mistrial and the case had to be brought before the court again this year. Finally, the court found Oberhansley guilty of murder.