Man, Who Hid a Loaded Gun in 'His Rear End', Gets Five Year Suspended Prison Term

A man had illegal firearms and drugs in his possession. But one of his pistols was hidden inside his buttocks.

A 24-year old man in Louisiana named Justin Savoie has been sentenced to a five-year suspended prison term and has also been put on three years of probation in a case of illegal possession of arms and drugs. However, the most intriguing part of the entire episode is the hiding place this man chose for one of the weapons he had.

Savoie had a .25 caliber Titan pistol "concealed in his rear end," as per the police report. While the other assault weapons that he had amassed were discovered in a search at a house, it needed a strip search to find this particular firearm that he had hidden in his butt.

Justin Savoie
Justin Savoie, the man who hid his gun in his buttocks Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office

According to The Smoking Gun, it was last year – December 28 – that the police in Golden Meadow, Louisiana, were informed of some suspicious activities taking place at a home. When the police arrived, they found Savoie and a woman, whose house it was. On searching the place, they recovered a great deal of arms and ammunition along with contraband substances.

Shocking discovery

But the 4.375 inches long gun with a 2.5-inch barrel was discovered when the officers strip-searched the young man at the sub-station of Sheriff's office in Lafourche Parish. The gun was loaded at the time of discovery.

The police chief of Golden Meadows also expressed his surprise at the strange place where the 24-year old chose to hid one of his weapons. "Whoever thought a .25 caliber pistol could be an assault weapon?" the Chief said to TSG.

Gun Shooting
The man had several guns in his possession Pick Pik


On Friday, the accused man plead guilty and entered a plea deal. He was charged with two felonies and one misdemeanour. He had been out on bail prior to his sentencing, having deposited a bond of $10,600. As part of his sentence, Savoie would also have to spend 90 days in Lafourche Parish jail.

For the period of his probation, other restrictions have also been placed upon him. He is to consume alcohol moderately and completely abstain from taking illegal drugs. On top of that, Savoie has also received instruction from the court that he shouldn't visit pubs and bars too often. As to guns and other firearms, he is completely banned from possessing them.

If the convicted man violates the terms of his probation, he will have to go to jail for the period of five years, or part of it, stipulated in his punishment.