Man Who Claims Himself to be 'Mutant' Inks Body Black, Gets Horns and Slices Ears to Keep in Jar

The man had also split his tongue in two and has two dilations on the lips along with 13 piercings on his face

A man who claims himself to be a 'mutant' has done many jaw-dropping modifications over the years. Nicolo Saverino from Aprilia, Italy, has fitted horns into his hears and his ears stretched out, as per reports. Since the time he was 18 years old, he started covering his body in ink. He has covered around 70 percent of his body in tattoos, which include blackout work on the face and eyeballs.

The man split his tongue in two and has two dilations on his lips along with 13 piercings on his face. Nicolo even sliced off part of his ears and kept them in a jar for looking at them. He said, "I started modifying my body at a young age 18 not that I'm old now. I am progressing to complete my entire body black. I currently have around 70% of my body tattooed. I have two dilations on my lips, 13 piercings scattered on the face, two horns implanted under the skin, ear splits, and a tongue split."

Nicolo Faced Many Problems in Life

Nicolò Saverino
Nicolò Saverino Facebook/Nicolò Saverino

"I only spend money on this because I like making changes to my body and love taking new challenges. I see the beauty in horror. I don't like having points of reference or idols, I prefer to be original to create without copying others," he added as reported by the Daily Star.

The man also mentioned that he had to face many problems while growing up and he overcame many obstacles that led him to change his appearance. Nicolo said that his grandmother whom he calls mother and his grandfather raised him. His mother was not present in his life.

His unique looks have many different opinions but he does not agree to put his focus on the critical comments. "Many people compliment me on my appearance, on me being free to express myself through my magnificent art. There are also heavily offensive comments which are true insults, but I have learned to control myself and let it flow. Some people are too focused on taking the positivity of others away," he said.

Nicolo's friends and family support him. He said that they are happy for him and love what he does. He hopes that he can encourage other people to have individualities and express themselves. Nicolo said that life can be tough but it is worth living and people must be comfortable and freely express themselves.