Man attacks 7-Eleven staff for denying to sell booze 7 minutes after closing


In Singapore, selling beer after 10.30 pm is strictly prohibited. But this man was not ready to accept it when he was denied beer seven minutes past the cut-off time.

He reacted violently and started attacking an employee at a 7-Eleven store in Changi Village. The incident happened on Feb 15 but came to light only when Muhammad Firdaus Ahmad Fauzi, who witnessed the incident alerted about it on Stomp.

According to the witness, the attack went on for half a minute, and it left the 7-Eleven store employee with blood all over his face and the t-shirt he was wearing. The witness also revealed that there were blood spots on the walls of the store after the incident.

Following the incident, the employee himself called the police and an ambulance. The ambulance reached the spot within minutes, and he was able to reach the hospital. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) has confirmed that they were alerted to the incident at 10.40 pm, just a few minutes after it took place.

7-Eleven reacted to the incident stating that they came to know about the attack which happened at 10.37 pm on Feb 15. A spokesman for 7-Eleven revealed that their stores close all the cabinets containing alcohol in accordance with the retail sales restrictions under the Liquor Control Supply and Consumption Act.

The victim of the attack later underwent out-patient treatment at the Changi Hospital, said the spokesman, adding further that he is currently on medical leave, and is recovering from the injury.

"The 7-Eleven team has visited him and will continue to provide all necessary assistance to him and his family to help in his recovery following this incident. We are also cooperating fully with the police in their investigations into this incident," said the spokesman.

Police are currently continuing the investigations to track down the culprit.