Man Shoots Through Door to Kill Utah Police Officer Who Responded to Domestic Violence Plaint

While one police officer was fatally shot, another received non-life threatening injuries; the suspect was also pronounced dead.

A police officer was shot dead in Utah on Thursday afternoon after he responded to a domestic violence complaint. Another officer sustained non-life threatening injuries in the incident. The officers had gone to a house in Ogden, north of Salt Lake City, after a woman called 911 to complain that her husband was threatening to kill her.

When they reached the site, the man was present at the front porch. He was uncooperative and when confronted by the police, he retreated inside the home, slamming the door, Ogden Police Chief Randy Watt told reporters.

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Suspected Killer Found Dead Inside

He then opened fire through the door, fatally shooting the police officer, who was then pulled away from the scene. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Another police officer who sustained non-life threatening injuries was taken to a hospital. The dead officer was a new recruit and was on the job for just 15 months.

The suspected killer was found dead inside his home. A tactical unit present at the scene pronounced the suspect as dead. However, it is not clear if he died from police fire or he killed himself. Two children were found at the house who were later removed from the site, Watt said, NBC News reported. It isn't clear if they were hurt or what happened with the man's wife.

Identity Not Revealed Yet

The identities of the officers involved have not been disclosed. The only information available is that the deceased officer had been in service for 15 months and the other officer worked with Adult Probation and Parole. Details about the suspect or his family are also not known.

In a statement, Whatt said that their hearts are broken after losing one of their own. Sacrifices of "such fine men and women who offer their lives" should not be forgotten, he said.

"There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends", Utah Fraternal Order of Police stated on their Facebook page. It said that the worst days are those when they lose their brothers and sisters in the line of duty. It has urged the residents to restrain from sharing any information that discloses the identities of those involved. It also cautioned against rumor-mongering or discussing details until there is an agency confirmation.