Man rescued from Australian Outback; 1 still missing

Two person rescued from the Australian Outback, and the rescue for the third person coninues

A man was rescued from the Australian outback just a day after his friend was rescued from the harsh terrain. After two weeks of hardship, Phu Trahn and Tamra McBeath-Riley were rescued from Alice Springs, Australia.

McBeth-Riley was found on Sunday while Tran on Tuesday

Australian outback
Australian outback Pixabay

Tamra McBeath-Riley, Phu Tran and Claire Hockridge went for a drive in the Alice Springs. They were stuck in the riverbed on November 19. On running out of resources while waiting for help the trio had started out in search of water and reached a waterhole where they stopped before Trahn and Hockridge continued the trek to the highway to call for help. McBeath-Riley stayed back with their dog, Raya.

McBeath-Riley was found late Sunday evening, while Tran was found on Tuesday. A livestock farmer was able to find Tran and McBeath-Riley.

McBeath-Riley had told the officials after she found that Phu and Hockridge started trekking towards the highway on Thursday. She said that she and the dog stayed back because she felt that she would not survive the walk to the highway. They did not know that anyone was looking for them. The rescued were treated in hospitals near Alice Springs.

The Australian outbacks are diverse with sand dunes, hard clay, and even dense trees. Hence, the rescue has been difficult. The police said the rescue was a "miracle" as Phu had been walking along close to a cattle station after nearly two weeks of being missing.

The search for the third person, Hockridge, is still underway. Tran and Hockridge were separated after they reached a boundary fence of a cattle station. Tran left her there while walking along the fence for two days. Alice Springs Superintendent Pauline Vicary told the press that Phu Tran was a little disoriented but otherwise appeared to be fine.