iPhone X

A hilarious incident seems to be doing the rounds all over, that of a man who went to buy iPhone X but returned empty-handed. The man in London had camped for three days outside an Apple store, went back home without the device after he had spent all his money at a casino.

The man was first seen in the line outside an Apple store in Regent Street, London. He had queued up even before reality star Marco Pierre White Jr on Tuesday, October 31.

The store authorities provided wristbands to those standing outside in the queue. This gave everyone a chance to move away from the line for an hour.

The man apparently took this opportunity and visited a casino where he reportedly spent all his money which he was carrying to buy iPhone X, Apple's latest creation.

The incident was revealed to Metro.co.uk by reality star Marco Pierre White Jr who became the first one to buy the jaw-dropping Apple creation. He further revealed that his friend did not have enough money to buy the phone as he had overspent everything he was carrying to buy the iPhone.

"He overspent in the casino last night and so I ended up first" Marco revealed. There goes the typical casino-driven lifestyle.