Man Killed After Being Run Over by His Own Car That Was Being Stolen

Police have detained one man and two women in the case though killing the victim wasn't part of their plan

A tragic incident occurred on September 22 in Anaheim, California when a 33-year old man, Jose DeJesus Berrelleza, got killed after being run over by a car. What makes the incident even more painful is the fact that the car involved happened to belong to the victim himself. The person behind the wheel was a thief who was trying to steal the car and is yet to be clearly identified.

The incident took place early morning around 6:20 AM. Berrelleza was alerted by sounds coming from outside his home. He realized that it was his vehicle – a van – that had been turned on. The young man ran out to see what was happening but the thief was already in control of the car and, as he tried to escape, ran over the unfortunate owner.

Anaheim police
Anaheim police is investigating the case Anaheim Police Department

Berelleza, in the gallant attempt to stop the criminal, lost his life shortly after. Police were able to find the missing car but did not immediately apprehend the man responsible for taking the life of its owner. They detained several persons who may have had information about the incident and are trying to identify who the real culprit is.


However, some success in the investigation did come the Anaheim Police Department's way as one man and two women were arrested on Wednesday by them. These three persons were found inside the work van when it was discovered by the police. Whether these people have any link to the crime or whether they were just taking advantage of the situation is yet to be known.

The victim, Jose Berrelleza, was just 33-years old. Anaheim Police Department

"The stolen vehicle was later recovered in Anaheim and multiple subjects have been detained," the official statement by the Anaheim Police Department read. The police think that the homicide was not murder and the culprit, most likely, didn't even know the dead person. In all likelihood, the thief panicked on seeing Berrelleza come out of the house and wasn't ready to give up his stolen good.

The police suspect that the 28-year old man taken into custody by them – Omar Sanchez – was the one driving the car when it hit Berrelleza. As per the working theory of police, Sanchez was dropped at the crime scene by a 21-year old woman named Yesenia Escareno. The third person arrested is Adriana Gomez, 29-years old, who is thought to have been an accessory to the killing.