Man Guns Down Two High School Students in California; Police Suspect Gang Related Activity

Both victims were immediately taken to the hospital but unfortunately only one could survive.

A high school teen was shot and another injured in a shooting in Santa Ana, California. The attack happened around 7:30 pm on Thursday night, as three students were sitting in a car in the west alley of 1400 S. Minnie Street when an unknown gunman approached them and shot two of the students, the Santa Ana Police Department told Fox 11.

The victim identified as Roberto Izelo, 18, was found by the police officials when they were searching the car. He was unresponsive and sustained injuries from gunshot wounds to his chest. The other victim assumed to be of 19 years of age was Roberto's cousin and also suffered the same injury to the chest. Another 16-year-old who was hiding in the backseat at the time of the ambush was uninjured.

Roberto Izelo
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Both victims were immediately taken to the hospital but unfortunately Roberto died, his cousin is in a relatively stable condition. Santa Ana Police in a statement mentioned that both teens played for Santa Ana's Century High School baseball team and had just returned from a game.

The plausible reasons which led to the attack are being investigated by the police. A surveillance video of the possible suspect crossing the street in all black clothing has also been released by authorities so that witnesses can attempt to assist the detectives in further identifying the unknown gunman, NY post reports.

Santa Ana Police Sgt. Maria Lopez reportedly said, "whether or not he (suspect) had a vehicle nearby, we're still trying to figure that out." Since the shooting had occurred in an area that has a history of gang related criminal activities, the police officials suspect that this attack might also fall in the same category, but until there is no substantial evidence of this theory no official confirmation can be made.

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The Santa Ana Unified School District released a statement on Facebook mourning the loss of Roberto, "the SAUSD community is deeply saddened by the death of a student at Century High School. We offer our most sincere condolences to the student's family. Crisis counsellors have also been sent to support any students and staff at the school dealing with this loss. Our thoughts are with the Century High School community, and we ask that you kindly respect the privacy of the family and school."

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