Man gets jail sentence for bribing police officer to get details of mafia

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A 61-year-old dispatch driver named Lim Sua Huat has been sentenced to nine months and six weeks in jail for bribing a Police Officer to access details of a mafia gang. During the hearing, the prosecution revealed that the dispatch driver has bribed $1,000 for viewing and receiving photos of a mafia group members.

During the hearing, Suhas Malhotra, the Deputy Public Prosecutor asked the court to give Lim a jail sentence up to eleven months. He added that Lim's act is something which should be dealt with seriously, and such a grave offense could undermine the incorruptibility of public servants. The Police officer involved in the case is now not a part of the Singapore Police Force and is currently serving a jail sentence of seven months and six weeks for corruption charges.

Details of the case

Lim Sua Huat has pleaded guilty on two charges in the State Courts; bribing a government servant and receiving confidential information under the Official Secrets Act. Before giving the sentence, the judge also considered four similar charges.

During the hearing, the prosecution informed the court that the convict has been in touch with the police officer Terence Lam Guo Long since 2009. Things took a new turn when Police arrested 13 people in connection with a riot at the Clive Road. After the arrest, one of the riot accused Pua Kok Siong, requested Lim's employer Goh Siong Kiat to help him out.

Goh soon approached Lim and gave him $1,000 to give as a bribe to the investigating officer to behave leniently in the case.

Upon Lim's request, on October 2015, the Police officer showed the images of the riot accused in his phone, but he did not send it to him. As a reward, Lim gave him $500. Later, the convict met the Police officer again and at that time, the officer sent five photos via Whatsapp to Lim's smartphone.