Man gets jail term and caning for raping woman at Serangoon gardens

After a failed robbery attempt, Kelvin Singh Jagjit Singh raped the cleaner lady who was returning to home after duty

Representational Image arrest

Kelvin Singh Jagjit Singh, a 25-year-old man, was sentenced to 17 years in jail and 24 strokes of the cane for raping a female cleaner at the Serangoon gardens. Kelvin Singh was convicted of one charge of rape and two charges of sexual assault.

Details of the incident

According to police officials, the crime happened on the midnight of January 13, 2016. Singh, who was armed with a Swiss army knife, was roaming on his cycle in and around Serangoon gardens searching for victims to rob. Kelvin Singh soon spotted the 41-year-old victim at the Kensington road who was returning home after ending her shift.

Showing the knife, Singh demanded money from the victim. But the clever lady threw her handbag which contained $800 to a private property, unassailable to Kelvin Singh. An angry Singh now forced the lady to perform vulgar sexual activities. As Singh hold the knife on the victim's neck, she was very frightened to disobey and obeyed Kelvin's demand.

While leaving the crime spot, Kelvin warned the woman not to report the incident. Shocked by the incident, the victim informed her boyfriend of the rape. Soon, police were informed and they started an investigation.

With the help of local people, Kelvin Singh was spotted. When Police approached Singh, he abandoned his bicycle and fled the spot in a rented car. Police followed Singh, and finally arrested him after a small chase. A Swiss army knife used to rob people was detained from the culprit.

Strong words from prosecution

During the hearing, the prosecution asked to give maximum punishment to the culprit, as the culprit is at a considerable risk of repeating similar crimes in the future. The prosecution said that Singh is boasting about the crime he committed, which further increases the danger. The prosecution described Singh as a person who has a mindset of blatant lawlessness and disregard for authority. The psychiatric report submitted to the court indicated that Singh has antisocial and narcissistic personality traits.

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