Man Faces Pepper Spray Assault in LA For Asking Group to Stop Harassing Bakery Employee [VIDEO]

The group live-streamed the bullying and assault that happened outside California Donuts bakery in Los Angeles

A man was assaulted and pepper-sprayed upon for trying to stop a group of young men from harassing a donut shop employee. The group live-streamed the bullying and assault that happened outside California Donuts bakery in Los Angeles.

The video was posted on Reddit on Thursday and it was unclear when the harassment took place. In the video, a young man can be heard abusing the store employee for getting his order wrong as a line of customers waited behind him. One customer, who stood away from the line, noticed the man harassing the employee and intervened.

Another young man accompanying the first one replied: "Shut up, fa***t, don't talk. Don't talk." He then walked toward the customer and said: "You wanna do this? You want to do it? Come on." The young man then threatens the customer to fight him and mocked him over his looks. His friend — who initially harassed the store employee — threatened to "mace" the customer and even tase him.

Group assaults man

The scuffle then moves to the parking area as the young man removed pepper spray and his friend told the customer to "kill yourself ... you're a loser." The customer took out his mobile phone, apparently to record the incident. The 10-minute video showed the young man pepper spray the customer multiple times and assault him as he tried to get away from the group.

His friend then tried to play the victim card by saying the customer was bullying a "bisexual and autistic" teen. Toward the end of the video, the men got into their vehicles and sped off — apparently realizing that the victim called the police.

The user who posted the video identified the young men by their YouTube channel names Scuffed Justin Carrey and Smooth Sanchez. A third man, who accompanied the two and live-streamed the incident, was identified with his YouTube channel name Baked Alaska — a self-proclaimed alt-right activist. Earlier this week, YouTube banned Baked Alaska's channel for live-streaming himself abusing store employees who told him to wear a mask or leave.

The comments under the video were critical of the group by saying they should be apprehended.

"They try to act tougher than an adult and they assault him then they recorded the whole thing live? Bad f*****g idea. Hope they went to jail for it," one user wrote.

"This is what can happen when you spend your childhood mainly in toxic internet chatrooms and playing CoD. What a bunch of projecting douchebags. I hope karma delivers," another user stated.

Warning: Strong language