Man Faces Charges for Unlawfully Leaving Home, Speeding, Drinking Amid Covid-19 Regulations in Singapore

41-year-old man booked for allegedly coughing at another man's face at Singapore Post

At least eight people have been charged for flouting the strict lockdown regulations in Singapore. Among them is Wong Teck Chye, 46, who was on Friday slapped with two charges of unlawfully meeting a woman for dinner and drinks at Selegie Road on April 24. Later, he was allegedly on road for about nine hours speeding at 133kmph through the Tampines Expressway towards the Pan Island Expressway, where the speed limit is 90kmph.

As much as 43 microgrammes of alcohol was allegedly detected in 100ml of his breath, while the prescribed limit is 35 microgrammes in 100ml of breath. The same morning he was also accused of leaving his home unlawfully to send food to a friend. His case has been adjourned to May 29.

Others charged in court on Friday included Permjit Khazan Singh and Vijayan Pillay Sandarasegaran.

Parliament put in place the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act on April 7 in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Under the new law, wearing face masks in public was made mandatory, going out for non-essential services was not allowed and gatherings were banned.

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Singh has been accused of not wearing a face mask in public on five occasions. The 60-year-old man did not wear face covering allegedly between April 19 and 27 at different places like Block 101, Towner Road and Bendemeer Market.

According to court documents, he also assaulted two auxiliary police officers at the Singapore General Hospital on February 7. He faces various charges related to COVID-19 regulations issued by the government. On April 12, he was resting on a public seat at around 4pm that was not supposed to be occupied in order to keep safe distancing measures.

Singh allegedly used vulgar language and pulled out the plank from the bench when the National Parks Board senior manager asked him not to do so. It resulted in damages of around $200. About three hours later he allegedly met another man unlawfully at the Stamford Road bus stop. He will be remanded at the Institute of Mental Health and presented back in court on May 29.

In another case, 41-year-old Vijayan was alleged to have intentionally coughed at another man's face at Singapore Post on March 30. He was charged with harassment and being a public nuisance as he failed to wear a mask and annoyed others by coughing loudly in the post office at Tampines Central 6. Vijayan also allegedly failed to get his temperature screened before entering the post office, according to the court documents.

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Laws Regarding Covid-19 Regulation 2020

As per Covid-19 Regulations 2020, every individual is required to wear a mask covering his nose and mouth at all times while he is not in his ordinary place of residence. Every person must stay and not leave his or her place of residence. One can leave the residence with reasonable speed for buying essential services, work or medical treatment.

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