A man was arrested for throwing fireworks at several people in the 1600 block of K Street NW in the aftermath of the MAGA Million March on Saturday evening, police said. A video of the incident, which has since then gone viral, shows counter protesters throwing debris and fireworks at a group of Trump supporters and instigating them for a clash.

The fireworks, police said, exploded in front of the supporters who were dining at a restaurant, and could have killed or seriously injured them. The man fled the scene immediately after charging the fireworks but was arrested after a long chase.

Wild and Dangerous

Javien Michael Dawson, 26, was among the many counter protesters who targetted Trump supporters on Saturday evening and even tried to incite riots. Dawson can be seen in the video throwing debris and fireworks at a small group of Trump supporters sitting outside a P.J. Clarke's restaurant in that area after the MAGA Million March.

The incident happened around 5.40 pm on Saturday when the rally had just got over. Many of Trump supporters had gathered at the nearby stores and restaurants. One small group was sitting at a restaurant when a group of counter protesters who were close by targeted them and started hurling debris at them in a bid to prove them.

A video of the incident was recorded by a supporter where Dawson can be seen throwing fireworks at the supporters. According to police, Dawson "discharged a commercial grade firework at several victims at the listed location." The fireworks can be seen landing in front of the supporters and then exploding. Luckily no one was harmed.

Loaded with Aggression

Fireworks being thrown at Trump supporters Twitter

According to police, Dawson threw the fireworks and immediately fled the scene. However, police was quick to notice him and started chasing him and was arrested a few blocks away. Dawson is among the 21 people arrested on Saturday after the unrest.

Many of those arrested were in their 20s and 30s, but members of the group were as young as 15 and as old as 54. At least two women were among those arrested. Six people were hit with weapons charges, including four for carrying guns without a permit or license, and two were charged with assaulting a police officer.

Several others were charged with assault, theft, or disorderly conduct. Dawson has been charged for throwing fireworks and assault with a dangerous weapon and if proved guilty could serve a few years in jail.