MAMAMOO's Solar talked about her kiss scene for their Décalcomanie music video Facebook/RBW.MAMAMOO

MAMAMOO's Solar has opened up about her kiss scene in the group's latest music video. Décalcomanie is the title track of the South Korean girl group's fourth mini-album, Memory.

Fans were upset after seeing a elevator scene in the song's music video, where a man tries to forcefully kiss Solar. Though she initially resists the action, Solar later falls for it.

Following the backlash that it looked like sexual assault, the music video was re-uploaded with the controversial scene removed.

"We mentioned before that we've returned with a femme fatale concept, but out of the four kiss scenes, three of the members led the kiss. We wondered what it would be like if one kiss scene was different, so I went with a different concept," Solar was quoted as saying in Soompi.

She continued: "Each kiss scene was different, but mine was especially filmed differently. At the time of filming, many people reacted by saying it looked cool, so I was personally proud. And while some people had positive reactions, I think it's possible for people to see it through a different lens. We thought about a lot of different things while preparing it, so please watch it well!"

MAMAMOO's album includes their digital single New York. It also features tracks Angel and Dab Dab.