Malicious apps downloaded 8 million times; Uninstall them in your Android phone

Compromised sites include video sex-chat site and Adultfriendfinder
A photo illustration shows the Ashley Madison website displayed on a smartphone in Toronto, August 20, 2015. REUTERS/Mark Blinch

There is no doubt that if you are an Android user then you have to be more careful while downloading any app from the Google Play store, as reports claimed that Android phones are vulnerable to malware attacks. This time reports claimed that vulnerability was found in several apps and if you have installed them, uninstall those malicious apps as soon as possible.

Trend Micro, a global leader in enterprise data security and cybersecurity solutions, revealed that 85 apps, which had been downloaded more than eight million times, featured hi-tech adware injection that employed several techniques to avoid detection.

These affected apps would take at least 30 minutes before making the device infected. The apps would also hide its icon from the app section in the device and then create a shortcut on the home screen.

After the installation, when all the conditions are met, these apps would bombard with adverts and make it exceedingly difficult for the user to close these ads as well as maintain general smartphone functionality. It would be also difficult to uninstall these apps.

These applications included Magic Camera: Make Magical Photos, Background Replacement, Blur Photo Editor, Find the difference: smart detective and Color House2019.

After Google was informed about these malicious apps, it removed all of them from the Play Store. But if you happen to have any of them installed on your phone, then you should delete these apps right away. Here's a list of all the affected apps:

  • 361 Camera
  • Background Changer
  • Background Eraser
  • Beautiful House
  • Beauty Camera
  • Blur Camera
  • Blur Master
  • Blur Photo Editor
  • Charm Camera
  • Checkers box
  • Cherry Camera
  • Color House
  • Connect Smash
  • Connect Together
  • Cos Camera
  • Date Stamp Camera
  • Draw 1 Line
  • Easy Camera
  • Easy Camera Pro
  • Face Camera
  • Fancy Camera
  • Fashion Camera
  • Fast Blur
  • Find Differences
  • HD Video Player
  • Hi Music Play
  • Jelly Crush
  • Magic Camera
  • Meet Camera
  • Mirth Cam
  • One Line Stroke
  • One Stroke Drawing
  • One Stroke Line Puzzle
  • One Touch Draw
  • one-line draw puzzle stroke
  • Owl Camera
  • Panda Camera
  • Perfect Camera
  • Photo Background Eraser
  • PIC Eraser
  • Pixel Blur
  • Pop Camera
  • QR Code Scanner
  • Quick Blur
  • Seals Camera
  • Selfie Artifact
  • Selfie Camera
  • Selfie Dog
  • Smart File Manager
  • Stylish Camera
  • Super Camera
  • super Selfie
  • Super Selfiecam
  • Sweet Camera
  • Sweet Selfie
  • Toy Blast
  • Toy Smash
  • Toy Story
  • Video Cut