Malaysian woman jailed and fined for stealing 10 chocolate bars on Christmas Day
Representational Image for chocolates Reuters

A 42-year-old Malaysian woman was jailed for two weeks and fined RM200 (S$65) for stealing 10 pieces of chocolate in India on Christmas Day.

Zariyah Salleh, a mother of four, pleaded guilty for stealing chocolates worth RM49.40 at the Mydin supermarket in Jalan Masjid India. She was sentenced on Tuesday.

Bernama, the national news agency reported that a security guard of the supermarket spotted Zariyah behaving in a suspicious manner. Subsequently, he conducted a search and the chocolates were found in her bag without any receipt.

Zariyah who sells shoes for a living, cited the need to work to support her children and reportedly appealed for a lighter sentence. Otherwise, she could have been jailed a maximum of 10 years and fined for her offence.