Malaysian rapper Namewee arrested for insulting Islam in music video

Namewee has dismissed all allegations against him and said that the song intended to promote religious harmony.

Popular Malaysian singer, Namewee, has been arrested for insulting Islam in his recent music video after he arrived home from overseas on Sunday.

Namewee, whose song are known for their objectionable content, has dismissed all allegations against him and said that the song, Oh My God, was not intended to hurt anyone's sentiment but promote religious harmony.

In the video of the song, he is seen rapping in front of different places of worship around Malaysia. Namewee was seen dancing, along with other three people, inside a church, in front of Buddhist and Taoist temples and outside a mosque in the initial version of the video that was launched in July. However, in the latest video, uploaded on August 20, the sequence in front of the mosque is deleted.

According to police, several NGOs complained against the video. A probe was ordered earlier this month, after the release of the Oh My God music video, said Penang police chief Comm Datuk Abdul Ghafar Rajab

Namewee, whose real name is Wee Meng Chee, is no stranger to controversy. Earlier, he faced backlash from his viewers for making a parody of the national anthem and also for questioning Malaysia's national energy provider over a blackout.