Malaysian police arrest Nigerian student with drugs worth RM 3.2 million

The student, who possessed over 20 kg of drugs, faces mandatory death sentence upon conviction.

A 27-year-old Nigerian private college student has been caught with 20.8 kg of drugs worth RM 3.2 million by the Malaysian police.

The parcels of drugs (syabu methamphetamine) were found hidden in a portable air-conditioner during a raid at a house in Bukit Mahkota Cheras, the Malay Mail reported. It is believed that these drugs were smuggled from China via courier service and was supposed to be distributed to the local population.

At a press conference, a police spokesperson said; "We have arrested the man and seized 21 packets of drugs believed to be syabu. The suspect had just started trafficking in drugs in Malaysia about nine months ago and we are still tracking down the remaining members of the syndicate. The drug can meet the demand of 35,000 addicts for a month."

In a country like Malaysia, which has a history of executing convicted drug dealers, the student has been held under Section 39B of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 which carries the mandatory death sentence upon conviction.