Malaysian PM Najib Razak welcomes new member to family

The 63-year-old leader names his new kitten Leo

Najib Razak's new kitten, Leo

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak took to twitter on 5 January to announce the arrival of the newest member to his family- an adorable ginger coloured kitten.

Najib introduced the new kitten to the world by posting a photo of it and announcing his name- Leo, probably named after his late cat who was also called Leo, who died soon after his son Tiger's birth.

Other than Tiger, the leader has two more cats called Kiki and Simba.

The Prime Minister is extremely fond of his feline friends and keeps sharing pictures of them from time to time. A few months ago he shared a beautiful picture of Simba on Instagram, which he thinks can pose for the camera best. "When we take photos of Simba, it knows how to pose in style. It looks fierce, but is actually cute and pampered," said the leader, according to The Straits Times.

Last year the prime minister, who was travelling to China during the month of October, said that his cats will be the masters of the house while he is away and will look after the belongings. He took to Facebook to post a picture of four majestic cats roaming around the house along with a light-hearted message.