Malaysian mother killed own 8-month-old boy, slashes other three children's throat


An eight-month-old baby boy was killed by his own mother, who cut his throat in Malaysia's eastern state of Sabah on Thursday afternoon, on October 18. She also slashed the throats of her other three children and left them to die.

Reports stated that the incident took place at the staff quarters of a resort on the Mantanani Islands at around 1 pm. The area, where the crime happened is quite famous for diving.

The local media identified the deceased infant as Jerry Yohanes and later, Sabah police commissioner Omar Mammah confirmed the news. After the incident happened, the husband of the accused ran out to look for help and told about the attack on his children to the police officers, who were conducting patrolling nearby.

A source told media that the father of those children was drenched in blood while seeking help and said that his four children had their throats slashed. When the officers reached the crime spot they found those children on the floor and the blood was still flowing.

The source also stated that by the time officials tried to help the victims, the infant already died but other two girls and a boy were found critically injured due to the cut on their throats. However, eight-year-old Nurul Hanisa, seven-year-old Melati and their five-year-old brother Jehan were taken to the Kota Belud Hospital, located in Sabah, Malaysia.

It was also revealed that the woman, who is in her 30s, also tried to attempt a suicide by slitting her own throat. But, she was taken to the hospital and reports stated that she was suffering from depression.

The further investigation is going on.