Malaysian Medical Student, Prathap David, launches a fund that plans to radically change poverty in Malaysia.

Prathap David

The term that Gen Z are lazy or "Spend their whole time in front of the internet doing nothing productive " has been coined by the older generation to label the younger generation but Prathap David, a medical student, and entrepreneur is defying that and has committed to building a sustainable society and promoting sustainable living at such a young age.

Prathap, a young medical student and entrepreneur, grew his B2B clothing Black Wolf Clothing from scratch when he was only 16. He also runs an equity holdings company, Harappan LTD, that invests into companies that are bringing real change to this world mainly in AI, CRISPR technology, electric vehicles, and clean energy companies.

He grew his portfolio via Harappan LTD from a mere RM 150,000 which were profits from Black Wolf Clothing all the way to RM 1.2 Million within the span of 11 months.

Prathap has since then donated close to half of his proceeds to various charities. He has a vision in his eyes to do something big for the poor and needy people through sustainable solutions instead of 'One Hit Wonder' programs.

"I have always been passionate about helping people. I want to bring a positive change in people's lives through my company." Prathap explained.

That is why my company Harappan Ltd is working towards creating a sustainable business model to help people worldwide. The organization is committed to creating a better future for our grandkids and gen next.

Prathap's drive for creating a more sustainable future stems from his grandfather who has always been a role model for him.

Being a respectable figure in the community, Prathap's grandfather has taught him to always put the community first before satisfying one's own needs because if a community is thriving and growing, everybody eats and everybody wins eventually. When his grandfather fell ill recently he dramatically shifted his company goals and since then has pledged his money for the better of mankind.

Harappan Ltd is the epitome of hope and a better tomorrow and Prathap's life project. The company is proactively engaged in charitable and philanthropic activities worldwide. It has a simple philosophy that "Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed for a lifetime."

This is why the company wants to empower people by making long-term investment in education and employment.

"Eventually, even if I won't be alive, my investments will continue to make the world a little better and that sends chills down my spine. I decided to donate 50% of my earnings from Harappan Limited to Harappan X, which is so passionate about helping people. Harappan X wants to use all its incoming resources towards combating hunger and poverty along with mitigating the negative impacts of climate change and ecological imbalance," Prathap added.

The small organization is planning on working towards a holistic solution to vertical farming, which is both a sustainable and energy-efficient way of tackling the major crises like drought, flood, scanty rainfall, and low agricultural output. The farming community can expect good ROIs through vertical farming apart from increasing their output without additional investment.

Harappan LTD will take investment from visionary investors who want to do their bit for the planet. Meanwhile, the company will continue to invest their funds in various projects to grow their capital. Once the company has acquired enough funds, it will then shift its focus towards clean energy, potable water, and agriculture.

Harappan X is doing whatever possible to transform these things into reality. It not just donates food to the poor, but also undertakes massive charitable activities all across Malaysia to educate people about jobs, employment, and investment.

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