Malaysian couple arrested for killing toddler tests positive for drugs

Police discovered the dead body of the child wrapped in a comforter and kept in a closet.

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A Malaysian couple detained for allegedly killing a toddler has tested positive for drugs. The man was detained by police on 24 November for allegedly killing his girlfriend's two-year-old son. The 34-year-old man and the 26-year-old mother of the child have been tested positive for drugs.

Police raided the house after they were alerted about a quarrel in the flat unit at Paya Nahu flats in Sungai Petani, at around 1:30 am on Thursday. On arrival, the officials were informed by the woman that her abusive boyfriend had beaten her four-year-old daughter and killed her son. It was reported that during the search operation, the police discovered the dead body of the child wrapped in a comforter before it was stuffed into a plastic box and kept inside a room.

The four-year-old daughter was found with severe injuries and was rushed to Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital. According to Today Online a probe has been ordered by the police and both the adults have been remanded for seven days to facilitate investigations.