Malaysian Actor DJ Shuk Sahar Suspended From Red FM Over Allegations of Extra-Marital Affair

Malaysian actor and DJ Shuk Sahar has been suspended by Red FM following allegations of an extra-marital affair. This comes days after his wife Rossalennah Natassyiah Asshaferah allegedly caught him at the residence of his girlfriend.

Shuk Sahar with Rossalennah
Shuk Sahar with Rossalennah Natassyiah Asshaferah. PR Handout

Red FM to Conduct own Investigation

Red FM has confirmed that the 34-year old has been suspended from discharging his duties. In a press release, it said: "The reason for his temporary suspension is to allow the management to investigate the allegations that have gone viral."

It has further stated that the suspension came into effect from 25 January and will announce any fresh development in relation to suspension after concluding its investigation.

How Did it all Start?

The drama started unfolding after Rossalennah Natassyiah Asshaferah accused actor Shuk Sahar of having affair with a woman called Fara Salleh on 23 January. She visited the latter's house earlier this week asking her to allow her to search for her husband in the alleged girlfriend's house.

However, Fara did not permit Rossalennah Natassyiah Asshaferah to conduct a search. The latter recorded the clash with the former and shared it on her Instagram page. The actor's wife alleged that her husband was having affair with the same woman whom he was having a secret relationship earlier.

Rossalennah Natassyiah Asshaferah and Malaysian Shuk Sahar tied the knot in 2015. They have two children.

The DJ was caught having affair with Fara in July 2020 following which he had lent an apology.

Fara Files Complaint

On the other hand, after his wife created a ruckus at her place, Fara filed a police complaint stating that her safety was compromised. Later, she told media about receiving death threats from unknown numbers and on WhatsApp. Fara claimed that her relationship with DJ Shuk was over.

However, Shuk is yet to give his statement on the issue. Nonetheless, the 34-year old is being severely criticized by netizens, which forced the FM channel to suspend him temporarily.

DJ Shuk came to limelight with comedy series Raja Lawak. He has acted in many movies and television series.