Malaysia: Police arrest 4 terror suspects, including 3 foreigners

Police say those arrested include a Bangladeshi restaurant owner, a Nepali citizen, a Moroccan man and a Malaysian chauffer.

Malaysian police arrested four people, including three foreigners, for suspected links to terrorism between August 2 and September 17.

The police said in a press release that those who are arrested include a Bangladeshi restaurant owner, a Nepali citizen and a Moroccan man while the fourth suspect is a Malaysian man, who was working as the personal chauffeur for a businessman.

The Bangladeshi restaurant owner is suspected of being involved in smuggling weapons to international terror groups. Reports say Interpol had issued a "Red Notice" for him.

The Nepali suspect was arrested on suspicion of falsifying travel documents. Those false documents were used by members of international terror groups.

The police suspect the Moroccan man to be a member of the Islamic State. The Turkish government had earlier detained him for his attempt to smuggle into Syria.

Police also said the Malaysian man is believed to be linked to Muhammad Wanndy Mohamad Jedy, a known Malaysian ISIS fighter in Syria.

Wanndy has been actively promoting the activities of Islamic State on his Facebook page.

After the Puchong nightclub bombing, Wandy posted on his Facebook page claiming that the group had carried out the attack that killed eight people.