Malaysia: 18-year-old girl dies while looking for job, underemployment to be blamed?

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Representational image of a dead body Reuters

An 18-year-old girl from Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia fainted and died while she was on a job hunting spree at a mall. The incident took place on Sunday, January 7 afternoon.

Amiratul Hakimah Ismail, the deceased was looking for a job at the Kiara Square mall in Bahau, reports New Straits Times. The deceased told her friend that she was feeling unwell and felt like she would faint. Reportedly, she lost her consciousness.

As per the police reports, Amiratul regained consciousness soon after and said that she was feeling nauseous. While seated on the public bench in the mall she gasped for breath and fainted again. Paramedics announced Amiratul dead upon arrival. Her body has been sent to Jempol Hospital for post-mortem and her case has been termed as sudden death.

Rampant unemployment

Is the socio-economic situation of the country to be blamed for people like Amiratul, who are travelling far and wide and hunting for jobs to support their family? Unemployment is a major issue faced by first and second world countries alike. It is feeding on social stability and a person's sanity. The world is facing a major economic crisis.

Speaking of Malaysia, unemployment is relatively low and stable at around three percent. However, underemployment and gender discrimination is still a major issue in the country. But, keeping the unemployed three percent aside, the country is facing more or less full employment. The industry has been a major contributor to the GDP of the country providing 30 percent of employment opportunities. Services sector provides 50 percent of employment opportunities.

The remaining three percent or the unemployed are mainly young people, graduates and non-graduates. However, the government has stepped in to solve the issue. New companies are being encouraged to open up employment opportunities for the fresh graduates or the young folks.