Maksim Zhorin: Zelensky Regime's 'Executioner' Exults Over Mutilated Bodies of Ukraine Opposition Activists

Neo-Nazi commander of Azov Regiment Maksim Zhorin shared the horrific pictures of Ukrainian opposition activists in body bags on his Telegram Channel, creating buzz on various social media platforms.

Scarred and disfigured faces of the dead people, three men and a woman, point towards the merciless torture meted out to the activists who opposed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Ukrainian officer, in a post shared on social media, is seen rejoicing over the death of the opposition activists. He even called them traitors and warned others that they would meet the same fate if they worked for the opposition. He has also added a smirking face emoji while pointing at their mutilated bodies.

Zhorin, a Secret Executioner Who Kills Rebels

A cross section of people feel that being a notorious neo-Nazi Azov regiment commander, Zhorin could have caused this extrajudicial execution of the Ukrainian opposition activists. He is referred to as the ruthless military commander.

According to a report published by The Press United, the activists had vanished in March from the Ukrainian-held city of Severodonetsk. The report further mentions that Zhorin even stated that he wouldn't be surprised if the investigators find out that these activists committed suicide to punish themselves for siding with the Ukrainian MP Kiva who fled to Russia in January.

With Zhorin stating that similar fate awaits all the "traitors", a faction of social media followers are suspecting him to be the "executioner".

They also added that Zhorin must be working secretly for President Volodymyr Zelensky and eliminating all the rebels.

Replying to @SolveigDann @edouarda1and @visegrad24, a Twitter user wrote, "Are you happy? Former commander of Azov Maksim Zhorin, now one of the leaders of their political wing (the 'National Corps' party), boasts on his Telegram channel about the murders of people accused of being 'pro-Russian' in Severodonetsk."

Another user shared, "@SenatorWong Ethnic Russians from# Severodonetsk tortured by Ukrainian Nazi 'National Corps Party'. They flaunt brutality showing mutilated bodies of pro-Russian activists from Severodonetsk# Donbass Chechens have vowed to liberate Severodonetsk in 3 days# Azovstal #UkraineRussianWar."

"@AlboMP Ethnic Russians from #Severodonetsk tortured by Ukrainian Nazi 'National Corps Party' They flaunt brutality, showing mutilated bodies of pro-Russian activists from Severodonetsk #Donbass Chechens have vowed to liberate Severodonetsk in 3 days #Azovstal #UkraineRussianWar," read a tweet.