Makings of a Viral Video with Katiana Kay

Katiana Kay

Whether it's engineered or stumbled upon, a piece of viral content is one of the best things to happen to a content creator looking to expand their channel. Viral content has a life of its own, and the chaotic way it's propelled can get it in front of an incredible number of people, bringing attention and an audience to the content creator.

Creating viral content isn't easy, but Katiana Kay, an Instagram model, managed to create some almost immediately after joining TikTok. One of the first videos she posted on the platform got her 200,000 new TikTok followers in a day. It also boosted her following on Instagram and OnlyFans, too. Here are the three things Katiana did right with her viral video.

Finding out What the Audience Wants

It's easy to make something viral when it has a guaranteed audience. This is where a popular request can come in handy. If there are lots and lots of people asking for something, it's pretty sure that the thing will land well when eventually created. It's true for products, and it's true for TikTok videos.

Katiana had the luck to have the audience identify the topic of the viral video for her. The video was based on a popular request, and even though the premise was simple, it didn't matter. Katiana gave the people what they asked for, and the people shared it.

In a more corporate setting, engineering virality can probably be done through focus groups or using other marketing methods. Content creators need only to communicate with their audience.

Creating the Appropriate Response

When using this method to create content that should go viral, the response must be appropriate to the audience's request. There are plenty of choices a creator can make that can undermine the effort, and it's sometimes easy to misunderstand the audience's voice if it's only ever heard online.

In Katiana's response to the audience's request that led to the video, understanding the audience's intent was key to creating the right type of content. It not only informed the contents, but it also helped her choose the form; she couldn't have given the correct response with a photo on Instagram. It had to be a video, and TikTok proved to be the perfect platform for it.

Gauging the Impact

How do creators know that something is viral? They see the effects, of course. Viral content will have a far reach. It will solicit many reactions, shares, views, and all those fancy metrics. The thing that matters when gauging the impact of the viral content is how well it served an overall purpose.

Katiana's TikTok video earned her money, that's true. It also exposed her to a much wider audience on the platform, bringing in new followers. The effect was only amplified by the fact that it spread to other networks and platforms and helped her gain new followings there. Measuring the true impact of the content will not make it viral, but it will show the creator whether that kind of virality matters to them or not.