Making waves in entrepreneurship, meet the modern-day fashionpreneur Alessandro Marinella

Alessandro Marinella

It is incredible to know and read about all those people who believe in thinking beyond the usual and sparing no effort in getting to the top of their chosen industries by thriving on unique ideas and visions. There have been many who have been doing this across industries; however, a few rare gems create a special place for themselves with their creative and inventive approach to business. We came across one such young man and a creative soul who believed in his visions and intertwined the same with the rich history of his family business to carry forward the legacy they had created in the fashion world; he is Alessandro Marinella. This young business talent is today known as a top fashion entrepreneur for a reason.

Alessandro Marinella spearheads the world-class brand named E.Marinella, which has been his family business and brand representing the ever-so-rich Neapolitan craftsmanship since 1914. It was founded by Don Eugenio Marinella and, over the years, has grown to become a leader in the industry as a brand of ties offering bespoke tailoring services across the world. The brand has been trusted by even the most well-known Italian personalities, which has helped the brand make its global mark. Alessandro Marinella took the business lessons from his father Maurizio Marinella and honed his basics, but today this passionate being is pushing growth for the brand in ways more than one with his contemporary ideas while also making sure to stick to the core values of the brand, representing the rich traditions of Naples.

Alessandro Marinella graduated with the Business Administration program at the University of Naples, Federico II, and to learn more; he also did courses in business and fashion from London and Barcelona. Soon after, he jumped into leading E.Marinella to newer heights of growth and success by bringing in unconventional visions on the table to further serve all his clients better. The young entrepreneur highlights that E.Marinella has stood like a winner in the tailoring industry because of its promise to serve quality to the wearers. Its hand-sewn ties with printing done by hand, using the finest quality materials, have brought people closer to the Neapolitan tradition and culture.

Amalgamating tradition and style have helped Alessandro Marinella, and his brand E.Marinella flourish all through these years, and he aims to continue growing it the same way even in the coming years. To know more, follow him on Instagram @alemarinella.