Makhadzi's allegations against former manager: 'If I can die tomorrow everything will be under her name'

Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, who is popularly known as Makhadzi, has made allegations against her former manager of exploitation and deleting her videos from YouTube. In a series of Tweets, the South African singer has vented out her frustration, while claiming that she is "into depression" due to financial woes.

Makhadzi. Makhadzi Instagram

She tweeted, "Iam tired iam praying for my self I can't cope to see someone chewing my money like this I need strength but is not easy iam depressed .[sic]" The 'Kokovha' hitmaker added, "I want my money I payed my picanto car she doesn't want to change ownership names ..if I can die tomorrow everything will be under her name ...meaning I was born to be a slave I am tired. [sic]"

Makhadzi claims that her ex-manager deleted her videos for asking royalties. She posted, "The only thing I did was to ask my money from my ex manager for my previous album matrokisi ,and mney for my royalties. wt she did was to claim my money and delete all video from Ytube includng riyavenda 10milionviews and matroksi 8milionviews I didnt get a cent frm my albm. [sic]"

South African singer Makhadzi grabs a fan's crotch on stage
South African singer Makhadzi grabs a fan's crotch on stage. Makhadzi Instagram

She further alleges, "since I asked her to claim my money from iTunes she said they were not working because of lockdown .now everything is back to normal she's not answering my calls she blocked me . I don't even know how much I did from my album .Broken heart iam only surviving with show's."

This is not the first time where she has spoken out against Rita Dee. Last year, the Venda artist stated that she was ready to leave her former manager's company. "I am ready to leave everything that belongs to my Management Company and go. I have realised that my happiness comes first. Since 2014 [I have been] acting like I am happy with my management just to protect my relationship with my fans [to avoid a situation where people will think that] I always change management," she wrote.

This article was first published on November 30, 2020